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Main topics of SVARKA / WELDING 2016

  • Modernization of welding processes at industrial enterprises.
  • Introduction of advanced, innovative technologies into welding industry.
  • Automation and robotics in technological processes.
  • Power-saving technologies in welding and thermal production processes.
  • Training of qualified specialists and welders, innovations in education.

Special sections of the exhibition:

  • Quality testing;
  • Measuring equipment and technical diagnostics;
  • Surface treatment.

Business programm 2016 (conferences, workshops, round tables and presentations):

  • International conference  «modern issues of welding production efficiency improvement»;
  • Advanced welding technologies, equipment and materials for trunk pipelines construction and repair;
  • Workshop seminar «controlling and   quality control of welded seams: control tools, technical diagnostics and nondestructive control»;
  • IV Young welders forum;
  • The «golden weld» competition.

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Results of SVARKA / WELDING 2014:

  • The event attracted twice more participants, than in 2012 – more than 250 companies from 18 countries.

Exhibition space: 3305 sq. m netto


  • 246 companies from 18 contries and 212 cities of Russian Federation, National participation of Germany and China

Visitors: 4530 specialists.


SVARKA / WELDING exhibition is the leading  industry forum of innovation welding technologies in Russia


The exhibition opens: 24–27 April 2018



Begining with 1969, the Exhibition is growing and developing , it shows that welding processes and technologies are becoming more important and required on the market

Russia continues to be one of the top five world markets for welding products. The total supply of products and services related to joining and welding technologies to the Russian Federation encompassed a value of over 930 million US Dollars: GERMANY - 20%,  CHINA - 18%, ITALY - 15%

2013-2014 showed a significant increase of interest to Russian welding equipment and accessories for welding technologies.

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